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In 2013, father and son set out on a journey to create a provocative coin series, aimed to bring excitement to the often dull silver coin market. After all, merely three coins account for more than 97% of global silver coin sales.

They found a team of expert sculptors, engravers & mint masters to bring the new coins to life, and called the project Deluminati. The name was selected to contrast the secret society that likely controls much of the world.

The first coin – the Ghost Money silver medallion – was a hit. Coin collectors world-wide acquired the coin that finally brought to attention missing facts of the United States’ earliest days: as soon as the ink was drying on the Constitution, a few men were plotting to fleece the country of its wealth.

The Deluminati mission was summarized best by the reverse of the Ghost Money coin – featuring an upside-down all-seeing eye, depicted with an arrow through it. As more people learn the true history of the world, the elitists’ enslavement of humanity breaks down. Truly – our awakening is their undoing.

It is our responsibility to wake people up through any method possible – and for us, we do it through .999 fine silver, .999 fine copper, and .9999 fine gold coins timelessly crafted for us and future generations to spread the message: Oppose Tyranny & Restore Liberty.

Join the Deluminati Coins team by contributing the next great coin idea, purchasing coins at wholesale discount prices or even blog about our stories as an affiliate. Be a part of the adventure and share the wealth.

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